About hypocrisy and intellectual fraud

We are living in a time of hypocrisy and intellectual fraud. In our core universities students and teachers alike are still dissociating the communist ideology that they do not only study, but believe in it with their hearts, from the murderous communist regimes that killed over 100 million people worldwide, and still do. „That is/was not the real communism” bla, bla, bla. It is like saying that the Holocaust must be overlooked because the nazism was not the real national socialism! There cannot be an argument here, the two ideologies produced criminal regimes and communists used too ethnic cleansing in vast regions they wanted to control. Holodomor rings any bells? It is hypocritical and also an intellectual fraud to put on a Che Guevara T-shirt or a Lenin one, and fight to remove from the public space fascist symbols, including the Buddhist Swastika, because you are not educated enough to see the difference.
In the end the fascism is dead for all intelligent people, but the communism is not, it waits around the corner, cared for in universities by intellectually corrupt teachers. Who happens to teach also cultural studies which have at their core the notion of colonialism and the neo marxist theories around it.
And they do so pretending that there is only one sort of colonialism, the white one, and that everything around, nearly all places and cultures can be described with the tools provided by the very white colonialism, post-colonialism and neocolonialism. They do so largely by disrespecting the Balkans where for 400 years – yes, my dear Bob Marley lovers, 400 years – the colonial power was the Ottoman Empire and the colonial ideology was Islam and sharia! Similarly the countries of Middle East were ruled not by Brits, not by French, but by turks. And Northern Africa as well! And the turks ruled these regions in such a way that the Christians and Jewish people had no rights while all the Muslims were privileged. But when we see the outcome of countries in Northern Africa and Middle East we let the intellectual fraud in our core universities to discuss them using the tools they developed to trash down the Western colonial past. Which was as bad as it got, but it makes one wonder if the outcome of some colonized countries would have been that different if they were not colonized at all, seeing that Libya for instance was „colonized” by italians for 32 long years and in some regions only for 15!!! Yes, my dear hypocritical friends, no more than 32 years, and it is ridiculous to claim that all the shit is nowadays Libya into it has to do somehow with the western colonial pasts. As a matter of fact for hundreds of years the peaceful Muslim people living in Libya were occupying their pastime with the piracy, attacking ships that were travelling the Mediterranean sea or the Greek Islands. By the way, do you know that almost all the sunny Greek Islands were uninhabited 200 years ago? Because of the piracy the people living in Greece, greeks, vlachs and albanians were living inland! So only large islands such as Crete were inhabited but not on the coastline. The oldest villages are high in the mountains and have difficult and few access roads.
Not good enough the „colonial” past of Libya for you? Try Somalia! Only in 1920 the country was turned into a protectorate by British Empire, then handed over to the italians to gain independence in 1960! That is 40 bloody yes years, but not the 400 years of Ottoman oppression, pillage and rapes.
The same intellectual fraud of ignoring what is not fitting into the narrative goes when discussing slavery and makes it a „white” thing. In universities the slavery equals the slave commerce with the US and Latin America. But from the Libyan coast only the Muslim pirates took into slavery more than 1 million Europeans over three centuries, even some Americans, out of which only few were lucky to be ransomed. The girls and women were sold as live meat, men were overworked until death. And this slavery was not white! And it is not white today when from Libyan markets people out of sub-saharan countries are sold for as little as 400 dollars each! In 2017! The slavery does not have a race and nowadays the slavers are also, if not in great majority, Africans or Arabs, but one is not going to get this facts in universities because some statements can contradict entire theories that were build around the racial prejudice of US only.
I write this post because I read a news about the slave commerce in today Libya. I read it after I read another one that in US a Latino singer asked the white people in the audience to go to the back! Really? Why in the hell can you justify a white man or woman from Eastern Europe who respects all other races should be discriminated against? Or even some white Americans with very old roots in America? Maybe their grandparents were not slavers and maybe fought to free up the African slaves. That is reverse racism. And reverse racism is what we see more and more and more.
Now, let me tell you something I learned from Romania. Here, after 1989, we had our freedom of speech restored and thus all the ugly and dirty that we had could surface freely. For a very short period of time neo nazis and antisemites rejoiced and even took some seats in the Parliament. But only for a very short time. Because here nobody cared to say this is politically correct or not politically correct, nobody tried to stop ugly people spreading their hate. But the hate they spread went thinner by the day! Until it is not mainstream anymore and cuckoos are looked as the weirdos they are. And we got to a point when an external observer is noticing that the Romanian society is lacking the violence of western societies and also lacking the extremist parties that started to thrive in the western societies. And this has everything to do with our not understanding that some things are not politically correct.
Democracy means also the freedom of speech and this freedom should be awarded even for people with peculiar views. Because if they speak aloud people will notice how hollow they are and do not care about them anymore. In less than a generation of free speech Romania lost its neo nazis and neo communists and nationalists. Because people saw them for what they really were! It was one of those rare situations when the crowd could reach a right conclusion, and, if it happened here, it can happen elsewhere!
But let us imagine a democratic christian voter with a strong opinion on illegal migration from Libya into Italy. He/she will be labeled fascist if would utter aloud his/hers own opinion, so the voter will go into hiding. His/her „problem” is not seen by PD, nor by the socialists so this problem cannot be discussed with rationality in the public space. In fact the whole public space will be against this voter who will end up voting the extremists even if traditionally he was not one of them. Look at Austria with its silly anti-nazi laws. Yes, the good intention of making such laws backfired and they have now a very healthy fascist party wanting all the power.
This is the exact modality the Trump candidate „Grab them by the pussy” went to become the Trump president. The entire Hollywood jumped in indignation of these words. Hypocritically. Now, #metoo campaign showed that the Virgin Mary Left is as morally corrupt as the president. Which had the ascendent of being honest. And he won because he was perceived by the deep America as being more honest than his opponent, Hillary. Fact check: true! Sorry guys, if the democrats but not only, were smarter Trump could be history….
Would he be the president if we had in the core of our universities people that cared for truth more than they care for the neo marxist theories? I do not believe so! Would he be the president if people were let use their right of free speech without being stopped and told that this word or that opinion is not politically correct? I believe not! Silenced voices are becoming stronger because this is the human nature! Let people shout without fear of being nailed to the wall and they will be ashamed by the silliness of their babbling.
Building a world of trust without hate and for really all of us is within our grasp. But if we let the intellectual fraud to rule our lives, teach us using only the history they seem fit, if we let the hypocrisy rule us, if we are afraid to be really free, the terminus station cannot be other that 1984!

*The image illustrating and introducing this article is a Bulgarian Church. You can see clearly that the tower was added after initial construction because during the Ottoman rule of Bulgaria the churches could not have towers not to offend the Muslims. Thank you Lidl for removing the crosses of Greek churches from your Feta cheese for keeping up with the secular anti christian traditions in Balkans!