Take a moment – Enjoy MOTTA


1 Describe your path to becoming a designer.

Since I was a kid, I love drawing, painting, and taking pictures. When I finished high school, most family and friends told me I should study something related with art or design. I didn´t hear them and started studying to be a  kinesthesiologist. It took me one year to realize that, that wasn’t my place. After that, I decided to try fashion design, where I learned a lot of great stuff, and meet very interesting people. The only problem was that my designs were too complex, to elaborate. And after 4 years of studying fashion, I moved myself to the graphic design career. I knew since day one that it was my passion. Actually I apply the knowledge of the career to make creative and artistic pieces. Also I work for several projects that doesn´t need my artsy side, so…let´s say my life is full of all kinds of design.

2 Did you have an “aha” moment when you knew you wanted to be a designer?



Some years ago, before studying design, I found myself making posters, or editing photographs like a hobby. The design software, is not very instinctive, so, usually you have to study it or watch thousands of tutorials to make what you want. From one day to another I was using it without any problem, and making stuff I didn’t realize I was able to. It was like. “Aha…maybe I can take this to the next level.”


3 What is the inspiration for your design? Some dreams? Some old movies? Your own memories? A kaleidoscope?

Usually my inspiration appears without searching for it. I like to make close-up observation of daily stuff, and find perspectives or angles that make them more interesting. Usually in order to succeed, I take photographs.

In the other hand, I would say that music and films are today, my best inspiration. Sometimes I have to stop a movie, or put louder a particular track, and run to my computer, because an idea appears. When that happens, is the best part of the day.

4 „A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops.

On my desk, I have a work station…” Did it happened to you too?


Absolutely not. Which is a problem. I never know where and when an idea is going to explode. There are places that result me inspiring but I don’t have a work station. I´m actually working on my own Design Studio, I hope in two months it will be ready. It´s time to find a work station.

5 We know you’d like to travel someday. Where would you like to go?

Let’s see: Barcelona, Tokyo, and London. Oh…and Thailand. However I’m sure there are amazing places which I don’t even know that exist so…every place where I could go, I will. I find meeting people and knowing places, a constant learning, and a fantastic way to keep myself young.

6 In some point of your life, did you meet a “random muse”? Would you like your paths to cross again?


I rarely take a person as a muse. I prefer photographs or certain images that work like muses for me. However since I talked for first time with Andreea Lupescu, I would say most of the pieces I made, where influenced by her person. I was very shocked by her and her lovely personality.

7 What is art but a way of seeing?

I think art is any expression that is made by necessity and not by obligation. It’s the universal language. The materialization of an indescribable feeling. A ground wire for the artist and a stairway to heaven for the spectator.

8 Your style and personality creates the movement of colors. What’s your secret?



It´s the first time someone tells me this…there´s no secret. I use my eyes as parameter. While I’m composing a design, chaos is everywhere. I start to make decisions combining my professional knowledge and my artsy side. There is a moment when I know the piece is finished, and I simply stop.

The clue is never stop searching for visual inspiration. I can stare 30 minutes in front of a paint, or reach 20 gb of images in two hours of investigation on the web. It´s not important how, but I always try to keep my eyes trained.

9 Does your art truly represents you?

MOTTA is what really represents me. I make works for different companies, and I don’t have always to show my artistic side. In that cases I follow a briefing where it says what the client need. In MOTTAit’s no need to be attached to anything. I do what I feel and take my own decisions always.

10 What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

On the last years before starting with graphic design, I worked in Mobile marketing, Game design and when I was young, I´ve worked on different clothing stores. Nothing as interesting as what I’m doing now.

11 What memorable responses have you had to your work?

It´s always satisfactory when someone from the other part of the world writes to me and show me a pic of a wallpaper with one of my designs, of even t-shirts made with my designs. I like social network because it gives me the opportunity to receive those messages and answer them. Every time someone give me thanks for what I do…I really can’t believe it. That situation is always memorable.



12 What is your dream project?

I would like to make a film myself. Trying to take MOTTA to another place. Content design, publicity, movies, there are a lot of places that I would like to interconnect to create new concepts on design. Contemporary art is also a fantastic world for me.